Sunday, 20 September 2009

SOLD Serta Queen Matress & Box Spring Set $200

Bought this for the guest bedroom. It's probably been used about 15 times in the past 5 years, so it's in great shape. It is very firm. Good for bad backs. Frame included.

Two-Year-Old Universal Nine Drawer Dresser $300 (was $900 new)

We bought this dresser less than two years ago for just under $1,000 at Jordan's. We love it but can't fit it into the new place, so it needs a new home. It's going to last someone forever! It has a felt drawer and a cedar drawer. There is a light (not deep) scratch on the left side from a jewelry box. It's pretty unnoticeable. Otherwise, it's in perfect shape. The same dresser (just a slightly different finish) is going for $997 at Jordan's and for $690 through an online discount store. I'll include my photos and one I found online. Mine is between a mahogany and cherry - it's darker than cherry, but has red tones. (Dresser only).



Sunday, 16 August 2009

GE dryer $100

Super cool dryer -- oh, let's not go there. This baby gets the job done. Here's the stats: super capacity, 8 cycle, heavy duty, deluxe quiet.

Frigidare Washer $100

This washer rocks! We not literally, but it is awesome. It holds a ton of stuff (super capacity). Details that may or may not mean anything to you - 8 cycles, 2 speed, 3/4 HP Moter (what??)

SOLD - Lawnmover $50

"Won't need this any more," my husband says with a smile.

It's a Poulan Pro - works great!

SOLD - Snowblower - Oldie but a Goodie $50

Just bought this from someone here in town last winter when my husband decided he was sick of shoveling. It works great. No complaints!



SOLD Bookcase $15

This bookcase has served us well (not that you care!). It's not solid wood, but it looks like it is. Too big for our new place. Got books? This thing can hold them!